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Livejournal Banner Trade!
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Banner Trade!
Livejournal Banner Trade!

So Basically..!

So... basically, what is this "Banner Trade?? It is a little community set up by Mel-chanuu. Ara... chie, for those who do not know her! *giggles*. Anyways... Mel-chanuu stumbled upon the realization that Livejournal is -very- big... *cough* and, we [the people ;)] only really know about anywhere from 1-50 of them WELL. Mel-chanuu has seen people with more than 600+ people on their friends list and she can't help but wonder... "Do they know who they have? Do they know what wonderful person they may be missing out on?" Mel-chanuu herself is also to blame, because she *cough* only has 50 or so friends, and.. shamefully, she only knows about 30 of them well. =_=; Which should be enough set up I think... *nod* Yes, yes, tis' plenty. The point of this community is to Bring the People Together!. Hehe. A much needed break from the claiming communities [god bless them!] this is sorta like... a community where you can meet new friends and exchange your own hand-made banner with them.

ex. Mel-chanuu luffs you!

Hi. I'm a line.
That is sort of what the banners look like. Do you follow Mel-chanuu so far?

And then!
And then, if you are still with her, here are the basic, er, steps to follow!

Hi. I'm a line.

Hi. I'm a bullet. 1 Hi. I'm a bullet. Scan through the members of this community [and this one only. if you want to exchange banners with your friend, have them join so that other people can enjoy your friend too!] and pick one that you would like to exchange banners with [and get to know better...].
Hi. I'm a bullet. 2 Hi. I'm a bullet. Find their AIM name, or add them to your Livejournal Friends list. Talk to them and -ask- them each question [seen later on].
Hi. I'm a bullet. 3 Hi. I'm a bullet. Once this has been completed, by both people, add the other person's name to YOUR banner. Example Mel-chanuu talks to Minta-kun. || Minta-kun writes Mel-chanuu's name on her banner and gives it to Mel-chanuu. And Vice Versa.
Hi. I'm a bullet. 4 Hi. I'm a bullet. Do this as many times as you like. And make sure you aren't just doing it to get banners. And stealing is wrong. Aiie. That is also sorta why the names are on the banners. That way, You have to talk to them to get the banner and you can't just save it and stick the banner in your userinfo.

Hi. I'm a line.
q u e s t i o n s

Hi. I'm a bullet. Friends Name... *cough*, and what they prefer to be called:
Hi. I'm a bullet. How did they come across getting their LJ username? Or, what does it represent?
Hi. I'm a bullet. What is their favorite anime/show/cartoon/game and why?
Hi. I'm a bullet. What do they want to do when they get older? // What do they do now?
Hi. I'm a bullet. Do they prefer to think things out, or, act on impulse? [Do not ASK this. Just observe. =3]
Hi. I'm a bullet. How long have they used the internet?
Hi. I'm a bullet. How old are they, and when is their birthday?
Hi. I'm a bullet. What would they buy/do with a billion dollars?
Hi. I'm a bullet. If they could marry anyone, who would it be and why?
Hi. I'm a bullet. Bishounen obsession? If yes, with who?
Hi. I'm a bullet. Cute style or Cool Style... or[if you're like Mel-chanuu. xD.] both!!
Hi. I'm a bullet. Why do you like this person and want to be their friend?

Any Questions?

As just bout' everyone knows, that was probably really confusing, so don't be intidated to ask questions. Mel-chanuu will put up questions in a little FAQ in here. =D.

Hi. I'm a line.
f a q

Hi. I'm a bullet. How big should the banner be? Hi. I'm a bullet.
The banner should be 88 pixels wide and 31 pixels tall. The size of a default Internet Mini-banner.
                                                            Hi. I'm a default image.
Hi. I'm a bullet. Someone stole my banner [as if they had talked to me]and didn't ask me for it. What do I do?
Let them have it and take the initiative to talk to them yourself. They obviously want to be your friend! ^_^ Always be nice unless they are rude about it. @_@;
Hi. I'm a bullet. Do you Bite? Hi. I'm a bullet.
Mel-chanuu bites no one. o_o Cept... *lists* xD. Ok. Mel-chanuu is actually very nice @_@; And accepting. She'll only attack you if you're uber mean to her or one of her friends. Probably more so if you were rude to her friends. u_U
Hi. I'm a bullet. The person I want to befriend won't talk to me... Hi. I'm a bullet.
Ara... then they shouldn't be in the community. X_x. Only be in the community if you are going to at least be willing to talk to a person. If you really can't stand it, just let them down easy. *blinku*
Hi. I'm a bullet. How do I contact you? Hi. I'm a bullet.
Over AIM [Kagome Chanuu] over E-mail [kagome_miko@yahoo.com] or Livejournal comments [chie]

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