Dru (vampyredrusilla) wrote in banner_trade,

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banners maybe this time they will show up

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they're not showing up...
I probably deleted them from my photobucket if there is something ya wanted to see ask and I will email it
oh just your banners and icons. if u dont mind.
sure what ones though cause I have a ton.. if u go to my journal there should still be alot showing up in different posts ... u just have to go back if there is something there that is not showing up and you tell me the name or subject lol I will send it
ok thx! i'll look
how do you combine pictures on photobucket?
what do u mean combine ?
people combine two different pictures to make one.
oh that is like a banner like the ones I make we use psp 8
whats that ?
it is a program to make banners icons wallpapers things like that u can buy it or do what I did and download it
where and how do you download it ?
I used areslite just look up ares it is a p2p program and download it then just install it and use it to look up psp 8